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Every surface has something to say. Every pane of glass can show us so much more. With Vivid Systems Smart Film Technology, we reimagine our surroundings and discover new ways to bring our spaces to life.
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Transform Your Space with the Flip of a Switch

Vivid Systems Smart Film Technology is the only Smart Film in the US that can resist direct sunlight. It can be applied to any existing piece of glass. And you can switch it on and off from your smartphone. Contact us and discover how you can make the most out of every pane of glass.

Projection Mode

Projection mode allows you to create stunning visual marketing displays when Vivid Systems Smart Film is combined with a projector in the back. Vivid Systems Smart Film replaces energy-consuming LCD screens and can transform any pane of glass into a powerful marketing tool. Its uniqueness and versatility appeal to all crowds.

Privacy Mode

From clear to frosted with the flip of a switch. Vivid Systems provides homes and offices with privacy while also creating an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly space. When privacy mode is set to “On,” Vivid Systems Smart Film filters out 100% of UV rays and more than 94% of infrared heat.

3M Film Collections

As an official 3M distributor, Technology Building Products carries an extensive catalog of 3M Film. Not only is it an affordable alternative for our smart film, but it also has several uses beyond privacy. Contact us to discover the possibilities of our 3M film collections: Privacy Film, Security Film, Whiteboard Film, and Architectural Finishes.

Our Services

Free Quote

To get a quote, schedule an on-site or virtual consultation. Contact us at 214-214-3667.


Our expert team works hand in hand with your Electrician to ensure optimal prep for film installation.


Delivery and installation are part of our service scope. We can apply the film to existing glass and new glass.


Take a closer look at Vivid Systems products and meet our awesome team. Our showroom is in Dallas, TX.

Send Us a Message

Let us know how we can help you bring your vision to life.


10460 Shady Trail, Suite #102
Dallas, TX 75221